<!-- Shortcode for video -->
<div class="tiva-video" src="assets/media/demo.mp4"></div>
Light layout
<!-- Shortcode for video with light layout -->
<div class="tiva-video light" src="assets/media/demo.mp4"></div>
Custom attributes
<!-- Shortcode for video with custom attributes -->
<div class="tiva-video" src="assets/media/demo.mp4" data-poster="assets/media/poster.png" data-width="600px" data-height="338px" data-autoplay="yes" data-loop="yes"></div>

  • data-poster: Poster for video (Display when start).
  • data-width: Width of player.
  • data-height: Height of player.
  • data-autoplay: Auto play video when start (yes/no). Default: no.
  • data-loop: Loop (repeat play) video (yes/no). Default: no.